AR Tools for PCB

Our next generation tools visualize the information you need to reduce inefficiencies while working on your boards. We believe your time is too valuable to be spent referencing data sheets and digging through design files.

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Today's World

Printed circuit boards are getting smaller, more complex, and busier than ever. One can easily be overwhelmed when examining a new board with its hundreds of components, thousands of connections, and intricate multilayers.

Context Switch in the Lab

Performing hardware bring-up on these modern boards is no easy task. Your lab bench is full of equipment and materials to help with this process but you constantly need to context switch between them to find critical information and perform required tasks. This increases inefficiencies and mistakes which prevent you from making awesome products faster.

We're changing the game with Augmented Reality

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See Beyond your Physical View

Peel back the layers and quickly check what’s below your working plane. No longer question where that mysterious trace leads or struggle matching your layout view to the physical board.

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Get Information Fast & Simple

Forget wasting time typing in component designators, counting pin numbers, and going on adventures to find datasheets. All the information you need is in your working view and is just a single tap away.

See it in Action

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